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Call for Abstracts

Dear Authors,


We are pleased to announce the call for abstract submissions for Oral/ePoster, Symposium and Workshops for the 10th World Congress of Women’s Mental Health, 2025.


           1. Kindly sign up or log in using your accurate credentials.
           2. You can use the same login credentials for submitting multiple abstracts
           3. You can save a draft for editing, but once submitted, abstracts cannot be altered.
           4. You can add upto two themes (if applicable) for your abstract.
           5. Each author can submit a maximum of three abstracts for this conference, including oral presentations,

                e-Poster, Symposium, and workshops.

Guidelines for writing your abstract  

 Write Clearly and Concisely:

  • Use clear and straightforward language.

  • Avoid jargon or overly technical terms or short forms that may be unfamiliar to the audience 

  • Be concise but ensure that all essential information is

  • Provide relevant keywords

Proof read:

  • Check abstract for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

  • Ensure that all information is accurate and well-


  • After submitting your abstract, you may receive a confirmation email or notification from the conference organizers.

  • Keep track of any communication regarding your abstract submission.

Highlight Key Points:

  • Emphasize the novelty or significance of your

  • Clearly state the main findings or conclusions.

  • Highlight any implications or applications of your work.


  • Note the submission deadline and make sure to submit your abstract before the specified date.

  • Allow enough time for any revisions or edits before the deadline.


  •  If your abstract is accepted, prepare your

  • oral/e-Poster presentation based on the content of your abstract.

  • Organize your presentation to effectively communicate your research within the allotted time

  • Make arrangements to attend the conference and deliver your presentation.

  • Be prepared to engage with the audience and answer questions about your research.

Types of Abstract :

  • Please read the submission guidelines provided below carefully before submission.

  • We have three different types of abstracts.

1. Scientific Abstracts – Abstract  related to a research study; clinical or social audit, or a systematic review/meta-analysis 

2. Professional Abstracts – Abstracts that describe a service or intervention related to women’s mental health - clinical; community; digital; systemic-( health, social, justice, rights, media, arts);  training or policy initiative 

3. Abstracts describing Collaborations- Alliance/Association/Network/Professional Group (describing the objective and experience of a collaborative initiative) 

Please note that each abstract requires specific formatting requirements, and word limits of 250 words (excluding the title). All abstracts should be submitted in English.

Modes of Abstract Submission :

Click here to view individual requirements for abstract submissions


Abstract Submission Opens:
10th May, 2024
for Oral/ePoster presentations/symposium/workshop

Last Date of Submission:
1st August, 2024 for Symposium/Workshops

10th September 2024 for Oral and ePoster

Notification of Conference Decision

1st October, 2024


15th October, 2024

Oral and ePoster Presentations

Please ensure you submit abstracts

on your desktop/laptop only.


Please use a laptop for abstract submission,

as it is not supported on mobile devices or other types of devices.

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